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Kremmling Colorado

If you're in the Rocky Mountain area of Colorado and want to find something adventurous to do, head over to Kremmling. Kremmling, Colorado is a western wilderness destination complete with amazing scenery, rushing rapids, and unspoiled terrain, where wildlife freely roams.

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Located in the pure Colorado River Valley of western Grand County, Kremmling is the perfect destination if you're looking for a little adventure and love trying out a wide variety of different recreational activities.

"A Sportsman's Paradise" is the nickname that has been given to the community of Kremmling. It offers a number of backcountry excursions, perfect if you're looking for a sense of adventure. The area offers gold medal fly-fishing, dude ranches, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and mountain biking. The annual Ididarace Sled Dog Race is an exhilarating event you can't miss.

The Ute Indians were the first to bathe in the Hot Sulphur Springs of this region. They also hunted buffalo on the vast plains of Middle Park. In later years the white settlers and pioneers founded settlements and towns when the promise of railroads, riches, and a new life were made to them. Kremmling is full of history and offers the visitor a great variety of treasures to explore.