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Colorado Rocky Mountains

Once you see the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, you will know what John Denver was singing about when he wrote "Rocky Mountain high in Colorado". Colorado's Rocky Mountains provide the terrain for skiing in the winter and hiking, fishing, backpacking and camping in the summer. Read More

When a person thinks about the state of Colorado, snow covered mountains is generally the first image that comes to mind. The Rocky Mountains form the Continental Divide and run through the state. This section of the Rocky Mountains is home to some of the most well known ski areas in the world such as Aspen and Vail. It is also home to smaller skiing areas.

If you travel here, but are not an avid skier, try snowshoeing through the pristine woods, or travel around in a snowcat or snowmobile. You might want to take in a horse drawn sleigh ride or a dog sled ride, or slide down a snow-covered sloop in an inner tube. Then hit the hot tub as you stop for the day.

In addition to providing great terrain for snow and the accompanying opportunities for winter activities, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado also provide great opportunities for activities for all seasons. When the snow melts, there are a multitude of hiking trails revealed and great places to drop a line and try to catch that elusive fish. Many camping sites, lush green forest and clear streams and lakes are inviting you here.

Come and enjoy the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. No matter what the season, the high, clean, clear, and often, crisp mountain air will fill your lungs and invigorate your love of life.

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