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The Rocky Mountain National Park area is perfect for canoeing and kayaking along the Colorado River. The whitewater rapids make for an exciting trip, so make sure you come prepared to have a fun time.

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Mountain Whitewater Descents

Rafting trips on Colordo's ONLY Wild and Scenic River near Fort Collins and Estes Park, the Cache la Poudre. Plus, rental gear like SUPs, kayaks, rafts and more.

Grand Lake Marina

Rocky Mountain National Park is home to the headwaters of the Colorado River. At an altitude of 9,010 feet, the river starts to flow southwest toward the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. When the river enters the Grand Canyon at Lee's Ferry it has dropped 3,110 feet. That's more than one mile from where it began. The river will continue to drop 2,200 feet more before it comes to the other side of the Grand Canyon.

Canoeing and kayaking trips are great fun, and an experience you shouldn't miss. The Colorado River has both rapids and calm sections, so you can enjoy a wide variety of activities in its waters. The depth of the river ranges between 6 feet and 90 feet. The average is about 20 feet.

The rapids are located in the shallow sections of the river, while the calmer areas are usually at the deeper parts. The rapids only make up about 10% of the Colorado River's full length through the Grand Canyon, but are found in over 50% of the river's altitude drops.

The best times to enjoy the river are in May to early June, and September.

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