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When coming to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, it’s good to learn of all the various types of Rocky Mountain transportation at your disposal and the convenience in getting around.

Transportation options both in Estes Park, Colorado and in and around the area of Rocky Mountain National Park are many and varied.

Airport (DIA)

Denver International Airport is about 1-½ hours from Rocky Mountain National Park, and there are a number of ways to easily reach the park, including a shuttle that takes you to Estes Park, the eastern gateway. The airport is open 24/7 with numerous services.


With free park shuttles that get you to the many trailheads and camping grounds, you’ll find getting around the park is a breeze. There’s also an express shuttle from the town of Estes Park, Colorado into the park. Within Estes Park, there is a free shuttle that gets you around town as well.


The Amtrak Rocky Mountain train will give you a relaxing trip, leaving you within a short distance of the park, in Granby, where you can rent a car for the remainder of your vacation adventures.

Bus Tours / Charters

Bus tours and charter bus trips of Rocky Mountain National Park allow you to enjoy your sightseeing trip in pure comfort, without all the hassles of traffic and parking. Experienced drivers can fill you in on much of the history of the park, too.

Car Rentals

Car rentals are available in the towns surrounding the park, and also available at the Denver International Airport. A convenient way to take your vacation on your own terms and schedule!

Airport (GNB)

If flying in on a private plane, the Grand County Airport gives you easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park and the spectacular scenery and outdoor recreation in the area.

Taxis & Limos

Estes Park transportation includes taxi and limo services. Some limousine services include sightseeing trips. If you want to really go in style, you can get a limo in Denver and take it to the park.

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