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Sleigh Rides

Going on a sleigh ride is just one winter activity happening in Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful views all around make the perfect backdrop for sleigh rides, an enjoyable activity for young and old.

Rocky Mountain Park offers more than just horseback rides and hayrides - don't forget about the sleigh rides! Sleigh rides are a visitor favorite, and for good reason.

Many outfitters offer sleigh rides to the public, consisting of anything from a sleigh ride through the woods with hot chocolate provided after the outing, to a well-planned dinner sleigh ride complete with entertainment.

You can even enjoy a sleigh ride in the summer. Summer trail rides allow you to take in the scenery and offerings of nature from a slower perspective. Or how about a traditional dog sled ride? Tourists to the area who try these activities create memories that last a lifetime. And they always come back for more.

There are so many ways to enjoy the rare scenery of this area. If sleigh rides aren't for you, take a nature course taught by experts with a lot of experience in their field. Follow a ranger on a snowshoe walk, or learn about the history of the park.